Project 6

This residence sat above a large steep slope to the street. The hillside was mostly weeds and three large Doug Firs, badly pruned to keep them away from existing power lines. The continual topping of the Doug Firs would eventually lead them to fail so I encouraged my client to have them removed.

We opted for stabilizing the steep hillside with an outcropping of rocks and seasonal plantings, many of which were native. Another goal was to provide some privacy for the front yard which was accomplished through the variety of shrubs.

The other side of the residence also had a steep slope to the street and some failing 60' Hemlocks. During the design process they came down in one of our storms. We revegetated with three smaller native Mountain Hemlocks and a Cedar tree creating a buffer and privacy for the home.

Finally a fence, arbor and new plantings were added to the backyard entry which provided aesthetics and safety for their young child.

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south side slope to street, after